This Map is Just a Suggestion

A selected collection of poetry from across Seven’s past poetry releases, including a dozen books of poetry. This 15 year retrospective carries Seven’s own favorite poems from all their projects and releases, as well as full color printing for a final new piece and to present their thesis poem “While Opening the Wound” and its follow-up poem, “An Estrangement”, in their intended form, as green text on black pages.

The book is bound under a cover of Seven’s own brain scans, with each book’s section featuring an introduction from Seven themselves. As a trans artist, this collection also features the first time many of these poems have been divested from Seven’s deadname and joining her in her new identity.

All told, this is 500 pages of poetry that runs the gamut from persona poems to lyric, form-fitting and form-breaking, poems from their own projects, confessionals, and more, but it does not feature any work from the Every Day in Love project. As a result, it was intended as a companion volume for Every Day in Love: Love’s Dead as a total 15 year retrospective of Seven’s poetry.