Every Day in Love: Love’s Dead

In this satirical love letter to the horror genre of films, Seven finds themselves married to Freddy Krueger and Pinhead. A blend of comedy, horror, and the domestic, Every Day in Love: Love’s Dead is a three-part collection of the full Every Day in Love series:

Every Day in Love: The Straight to DVD Movie, which features a more exploratory and abstract poetic approach to this relationship and adoration of the genre as a whole;

Every Day in Love II: Lovebound, which features more of a sitcom approach to the experience, and introduces the adoption of three children, Jason, Sammy, and Samara;

And Every Day in Love III: Love Warriors, which follows the moving out of Jason and the new roommates of Chucky and Billy, the jigsaw doll. This book finds a larger narrative close and does its best to blend the approaches of both of the first two books.

All told, this is 600 pages of poetry, produced through a process that utilized the character’s own movie scripts, massive script-poems wherein the family watches their own films and heckle them, and domestic life that plays out right up to its inevitable end. 

Intended as a companion volume for This Map is Just a Suggestion as a 15 year retrospective of Seven’s poetry.


Covers for Every Day in Love 1 & 2 by Kat Veldt.

Cover for Every Day in Love 3 by Sam Dow.

Cover for Every Day in Love: Love’s Dead by HumanPerson.