ZOETROPE: Time Travel Roleplaying

ZOETROPE | Time travel TTRPG

This unique TTRPG is run on cards alone, no dice or character sheets needed. Even the Story Leader can come to the table with no plans. Simply deal out Roles and Traits to each player, and the Story Leader can rely on the Events deck to reveal an inciting event and future complications.

Players are ZOETROPE agents, traveling the timeline trying to fix time anomalies and stop time crimes. Each game will be new and unique, using over 500 cards to give your game the Gear, Actions, and Time Manipulation you need for a wild time, plus Magic, Catastrophes, and pre-generated mission Operators with the expansion sets!

And be on the lookout– Confluence will have a supplement to include ZOETROPE agents, time travel tech, and more into the larger Confluence system!

Try the game for free with the Tabletop Simulator mod!

Game logo created by Dreamy Star.