NuÆther: Mechanix – Mutations – Magic.

Arm your team, ready your spells, and polish your robot arm, it’s time for combat! In NuÆther, players act as adventurers in a world of floating islands, traveling their strange orbits to distant shores, doing battle in forests, deserts, and ancient temple ruins. Why? For the loot!

NuÆther features a streamlined core system that helps players leap into combat. In this system, each of your limbs has its own HP values, allowing limbs to be lost. No worries though, the game wants you to lose your limbs! The more you lose, the more you can replace with new mutations or robotic mechanix augments. The glowing stream in the sky, the Æther Stream, causes people to mutate and gain magic at random. 

NuÆther uses a simple, 2d6 system, always aiming to meet or beat the character’s own attributes. With just 5 core action attributes and a streamlined Damage attribute, this system works to simplify all the elements to allow focus to be on the combat and travel itself. With over 200 players options, 150+ items, 46 monsters, 5 bosses, and over 20 islands, NuÆther is built to be fast to get into, but to have plenty of support for long gameplay.

Look forward to future supplements for Confluence that include NuÆther options into the larger Confluence system, including monsters, denizens, mutations, magic, and mechanix!


Game logo created by Dreamy Star.