New Avernus

Launching in late July, 2022.

New Avernus is a city building card game where players race to build strong foundations before calamity strikes, and it strikes again, again, and again. You are the Koukyla, a race of mannequin-like beings whose only purpose in life is to build the perfect society. But your god smashes down what you build over and over until your buildings stand the apocalypse. You have faith that one day you will make the society you were meant to make, the perfect one, and then the organics will come to populate it and your god will reward you. Yes, it will happen someday. Someday…

But for now, you watch your structures fall again. You crumble, then pull yourself back together, and try again. You will construct the perfect city. Your buildings will stand eternal when your god sees your plans to be good.

Players play as separate factions in this co-op or competitive city building, apocalyptic card game. Can you finish a beautiful city before the impending annihilation, a city worthy of your god to last in eternity?

Illustrated by Emma Clinton
Lead Game Design by Asher Stuhlman