Atrocity Archives: In the Web of Hell

This small zine-style game is an exploration of interconnected mindscapes, connected across a world called the Archives. You and your fellow players are psyches who are gods of your own domains, but only while you’re in them. Across the web of the archives, there is a horrid rot known as Atrocity that has been spreading. 

To stop it, you must leave the safety of your own domains to band together into a group body called a cohesion. Tap into your group’s skills and try to stop the Atrocity before it reaches your world and taints you. Damage taken in this game system is taken literally to your character sheet. Can you survive the onslaught while your character’s identity is cut, burned, stained, and re-written before your very eyes?

Or will you become an atrocity yourself?

All designs by Seven