Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice, 2nd Ed

The newly updated 2nd edition of the Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice is live now on Backerkit’s crowdfunding platform. In this new edition, we find 7 brand new dice, updates to the original 14 dice, a full-color guide, and a new reading cloth featuring a visually updated design of the reading mat and a reverse side with a new reading grid entirely.

Now, each die is connected to a Lord, an entity that rules over the die and its themes. Find the full art of all 21 Lords in the guidebook, in their own oracle deck, or in art prints on the Backerkit campaign. The dice are no longer faceless symbols, they are not entities in dialogue with one another, and now you finally have names to blame when the reading tells you what you weren’t ready to hear. 

Guide cover, Lords illustrations, Readings grids by czarfunkle

Mariner’s Die design by Sam Dow

Alchemist’s Die design by the Caretaker

Metamorphosis Die and all updated base and new dice designed by Amy Smith

Original designs by Seven