The Alleyway Oracles

From the Alley comes three new decks, now crowdfunding on Kickstarter (5/16/2023-6/15/2023).  Pledge your support for the project while it lasts! Once printed, these decks will never be printed again.
For a full list of the cards in the decks, and the contributing artists, follow the links below.
Like the Alleyman’s Tarot before it, the three decks of the Alleyway Oracles are piecemeal collected and licensed from other tarot and oracle decks out there in the world, with some being brand new cards just for the decks. This makes it a patchwork deck, gathered from the world like an artifact of the medium.
With new items, add-ons, cards, and guidebooks, the set asks a simple question…
The fates are speaking. Are you listening?