The Confluence Team invites you to join our Open Beta Playtest! We are looking for feedback on the original mechanics and setting of Confluence. Once the playtest launches, you will have ten weeks to run calibration (our session zero), play as many sessions as you are able, and fill out feedback surveys.  

Playtests are taking place in our dedicated Discord server, where you can find and schedule with other players. Fill out the Registration form to get the link to the Discord server. 

The team will also be providing support and other recourses for playtesters in the Discord server. We will be available to answer questions and we will host scheduled open Q&A sessions. 



What is Confluence RPG?

Confluence is a TTRPG like nothing you’ve experienced before: A genre-blending game of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, built to tell character-driven stories. In the rich setting of Ajurea, strange phenomena called Confluxes bring together people of many worlds from across time and space. From the kaleidoscopic coast, to the underwater labyrinths, to the floating forest-cities, everything here is constantly changing. Prepare to change with it.

Confluence uses an original d6 dice pool engine, representing the tensions in high-stakes situations. Players can work together to give themselves the upper hand and build relationships with the people they meet. Along the way, characters will encounter dangerous anomalies, supernatural threats, and a cast of colorful NPCs.

What is an Open Beta Playtest?

The Open Beta Playtest is the period of time in which Confluence RPG is available to the public for playtesting. This means you’ll have the chance to run and play the game and tell us about your experience. Confluence is still in development and anything contained within the Open Beta Playtest materials may change before publishing. All materials will be released in our Discord and on our website on launch day, Friday, May 3.

How long does the Open Beta Playtest run?

The Open Beta Playtest runs for ten weeks, launching on Friday, May 3 and ending on Sunday, July 14.

What is the timeline?

April 1 – Open Beta announcement and Discord open to find groups and schedule calibration sessions.

May 3 – Open Beta Playtest launches! Playtest materials and links to all surveys posted in Discord and on the website.

May 3July 14 – Conduct calibration session and game sessions. Fill out appropriate surveys. All surveys, including the Post Campaign survey need to be submitted by Sunday, July 14.

What materials can I share?

You are welcome to share any and all of the playtest materials with anyone.

Can it be streamed?

Yes! You can stream your playtests of Confluence RPG. In fact, we have a Stream Kit available in the #confluence-materials channel in the Discord.

What do I get for being a playtester?

All playtesters will receive a digital copy of the final Confluence RPG after the crowdfunding campaign and will be credited as a playtester. Additionally, Story Leaders (GMs) will be placed in a draw for 1 of 5 physical copies of the game.

Required from each playtester to receive the above:

  • Filled out Registration Form
  • Conduct a Calibration session and submit Calibration survey
  • Submit Post Session surveys (1 per session)
  • Submit Post Campaign survey

How many people do I need to play?

We recommend 2–5 players plus 1 Story Leader.

What do I need to play?

  • At least 6d6 per player
  • Writing utensils for each player
  • Paper
  • Notecards
  • Tokens, can be anything

Digital books and character sheets (fillable and printable) are included in the provided playtest materials.

Can I make my own content for Confluence?

Not yet! Although we are developing the infrastructure for creators who want to make stuff for the world of Confluence, it’s too early for us to support third-party content at this time. While we’re in Open Beta, any additional materials you make for Confluence—adventures, facets, focuses, etc., must be for personal use only. 

What will you be doing with the information from the Registration Forms and Surveys?

With your permission, we’ll be using the name you provide us to credit you as a playtester in the final version of the game. If you’d like to share a quote we can use for promotional purposes, we’ll attribute it to the name you provide. Please make sure everything is spelled correctly.

The information from the surveys may be used to make updates to Confluence materials.

I’m a journalist, reviewer, or interviewer, can we contact you about a feature or other content?

We’d love to chat to you about Confluence RPG! Please download our press kit for more information about the game. We are also available for interviews.  

What do you have planned?

As we’re still developing the game, you can expect it to evolve based on playtester feedback and our planned design changes. The final books will have a glossary of new terms unique to Confluence RPG and an index for easy navigation. To keep up with the latest news from us, join our email list on Backerkit and follow us on social media.