WHAT WE POSSESS: Ghostly Storytelling

WHAT WE POSSESS | Ghostly Story Telling Game

This gorgeous game features art by Samantha Dow, Robyn Phelps, Raya Sarkar, Solomon McMan, and Catherine Burke!

This unique TTRPG is run on cards alone, with two dice just helping you make a simple randomized element. Play is simple, you hand out Ghosts that let every player know how their character died, randomly draw a Location, and lay out some Vessels to inhabit the location. From there, you draw the Haunting card and begin play, thinking about the mystery on that haunting card…

You have limited ghostly energy, but use it creatively to push the living vessels in a scene to action, drawing up moment by moment what is happening in the space. As you think you begin to uncover information about your mystery, you draw Clue cards to direct your story. Once three Clues have been drawn, you draw the mystery to a close by working as a group to create the answer.

This game is a meditation on life and death, a perfect improv party game, and made to support players in their story telling, making it a great intro to roleplaying games for new players! 

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